I have been coaching “Full Time“ since 2011. Full time, meaning 30 -40 hrs per week on the floor that is a lot of time. This is significant because, I believe coaching is a skill that is developed through experience.  Just as athletes, improve by spending hours upon hours in the gym honing their craft the same goes for coaches. 

I believe a good coach is able to read the situation and the personality of the athlete then deliver the message accordingly. I like to tell my athletes I will not always give you what you want but hopefully it will be what you need. 

Whether I’m teaching someone how to kip for the first time or working with a Games athlete on Snatch technique it’s fulfilling. I enjoy making all my athletes a little better every chance I get. 




Nadine Kramel

Nadine has been doing CrossFit for a little over 6 years. She first got into it after reading that runners did it to gain strength and aerobic capacity for better performance. Nadine had never touched a barbell, let alone anything more than the 5lb dumbbell at the gym. Once she completed an on-ramp course she quickly fell in love with challenging herself regularly. In 2016 she became a coach and it only made her love CrossFit more, and she enjoys watching CFC members hit milestones and PRs in their fitness journey. One of the biggest myths about CrossFit is that you already have to be in shape to do it. Which is so untrue! CrossFit is not just for the elite athletes out there, it is for anyone and can be adjusted for everyone. It definitely takes patience with yourself, but no matter what level you’re at it’s an amazing way to achieve your best you.


Dave Turner

Crossfit L-1 Trainer

Coaching Crossfit since Oct 2012

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Bekah Simmons

Bekah is a Level 2 certified CrossFit trainer and a Nurse Practitioner. She  started CrossFit about 6 years ago in 2013, then got her Level 1 certificate and started coaching in 2015. She loves that CrossFit equips people to be healthy and strong for real life challenges and that it keeps people learning new things and growing all the time. It’s awesome to see people use CrossFit to get fit, stay fit, and be healthy, and independent for rest their lives!  Outside the gym, Bekah enjoys salsa dancing, the beach, traveling, cooking  healthy meals, and spending time with family.

Certifications: Precision Nutrition level 1 certified (PN-1) Gymnastics Certificate 2019, Judges Course 2019, Lesson Planning Certificate, Running Certificate, Scaling Certificate, Spot The Flaw Certificate 


Megan Zetterberg

Crossfit L-1 Trainer


Rande Kailimai

Crossfit L-1 Trainer

Been doing CrossFit for about 6 years. I love the variety of workouts. Almost infinite possibilities. That's why I got into CrossFit. I like biking 🚴‍♀️ and playing with my dogs. Common thing I hear all the time is that it is too expensive. I think back to my days in globo-gyms, there was a membership fee and an extra fee for group classes/personal training. It ended up doing group classes 4 days a week was more expensive than CrossFit.